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Friends of Chema and Kizzi empowers the rural poor by investing in local leaders, women, sustainability, animals and education.

Poverty is a cycle. It can be broken.

Around the world, 800 million people are living in poverty.

85 percent of them live in rural areas affected by an environmental crisis.

The Challenges


Environmental Crises

When environmental systems are mistreated, deforested, and polluted, all forms of life suffer. People face unhealthy land, animals lose their homes and all are vulnerabile to famine or disaster.


Economic Poverty

Living in poverty is a daily struggle for survival. Families who are only one emergency away from a catastrophe have no opportunity to save or plan for the future.


Lack of education

Around the world, millions of children never see the inside of a classroom. For children whose worlds have been turned upside down by conflict, education offers stability and hope.

Our Response

Building Schools

Stopping FGM

Sustainable Agriculture

Protecting Wildlife

Why Friends Of Chema And Kizzi?


All funds raised go directly to the cause.

We are not an NGO and all expenses are paid by the trustees and not part of the fundraising process, therefore 100% of funds raised go directly to the cause.

We address root causes.

Our approach is individual to each countries needs and we communicate with locals to establish what they need most.



We are the change.

We believe that choosing to assist in one or another, no matter how small, is a positive exchange of energy.


All work is led by locals.

All our international work is led by locals, we are just facilitators. We empower communities to create their own change by investing in local leaders.

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